I’m going on a trip but I’ve queued up some stuff so


Tuesday Tip —- The Nose

Here’s the way I approach the nose. For my taste, the simpler, the better. But it’s always good to know what you’re working with.
Havre a great Tuesday!


Hawkguy in palette #6 for snailontheslope :)


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Some Coldplay handlettering.

I went to Comic Con Russia / Igromir this weekend, and there were so many cool cosplayers there! This is just a small selection.

Enjolras in palette #9.

So I went to Comic Con Russia this weekend! (that was the first time such an event was held here). It was very crowded and hectic, but lots of fun! Saw Misha Collins (not from up close though), he’s a swell guy for flying all the way over. Also snagged a photo with the Tenth Doctor:


(A post with other cosplayer photos may be forthcoming).

Troy Barnes in palette #14 for .