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Elephant pattern!

Control (2007)

You lot are something else.

Tbh I never read The Sandman the entire way through, but I’m still fascinated by it.


Lighting and material studies.

It’s too late to go back.

I’m watching Parks & Rec now and really enjoying it! The characters are priceless, and Ron Swanson especially so.

Seamless Pattern Tutorial (AI)

I was recently asked to explain how to make seamless patterns in Illustrator. The technique I use I learned it from this tutorial by the amazing Julia Grigorieva; however, since the tutorial is in Russian, I will now provide an Eglish-language adaptation, using one of my own patterns as an example.

Step 1: Create a new file, then create a background.


Mine measures 200 x 300 mm, yours doesn’t have to, but whatever dimensions you choose, keep them in mind.

Step 2: Start drawing the pattern elements.


Add more stuff (NB: for later manipulations it’s best to combine the objects into groups - i.e. each piglet should be its own separate group of objects).


As you can see, some of the elements do not fit inside the borders, which is where we get to:

Step 3: Duplicate the objects.

For those elements that don’t fit inside the borders, choose Object > Transform > Move. Be careful when entering the distance - e,g. I want to move the middle piglet 200 mm to the left, so I have to enter -200 in the Horizontal text box and 0 in the Vertical text box. Then I click Copy (NOT “Ok”) and voila!image

Do the same for other objects lying beyond the borders.


Step 4: Crop the pattern.

Create a huge rectangle that covers all the objects in your pattern. Fill it with a color that you didn’t use previously (in my case it will be blue). Above said rectangle, duplicate the background (the copy has to be perfectly aligned with the original). 


Select the blue rectangle and the Background Copy, then click Pathfinder > Shape models > Minus front, This creates a gap which includes all the stuff that will be left after cropping.


Now select everything (Ctrl + A) and click Pathfinder > Divide. All the objects beyond the borders are blue now:


Use the wand tool to select all objects in blue, then delete them (Ctrl + X). Now you got yourself a neat seamless pattern!


I’m not great at explaining, but I hope you will find this useful! Do not hesitate to ask questions should they arise.


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